How to hide admins from /about page

Okay, so I’m a bit confused. When I visit, I notice they have 10 admins listed. Now I’m sure there are more that have admin access, but they are not shown on the about page, such as @codinghorror.

Unfortunately, the same isn’t true for our instance. Or any of the test instances I’ve installed. I know you can hide names using CSS, but BoingBoing isn’t doing that, the data isn’t returned in the json, so somehow they are stripping it out before it gets serialized and sent to the client.

So how does one tell the about page to not show those users? What setting(s) am I missing?

I’ve found the following topics, but none of them explain how the JSON output is missing said users.

Can I hide an admin?
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Granted, maybe my assumption at BoingBoing is incorrect and @codinghorror isn’t an admin but that doesn’t explain


Since we often have to be admin to diagnose issues or change settings on our customer’s Discourse, we decided to hide all our accounts from the admins lists. That way, we’re not polluting our customer’s admins lists.

We do this using a plugin that is automatically installed to all the Discourse we host and does something like

after_initialize do

  add_to_serializer(:about, :admins) do
    object.admins.reject { |u| =~ /@discourse\.org/i }


@zogstrip, is it installed in our instance? If so, it’s not working for our instance


There’s high chances that it’s due to the fact that you’re the only one running a fork of discourse but I’m not 100% sure. I’m investigating and will get back to you.


I’m likely certain that is true. If you could point us to what to include in our plugins folder or even submit a PR to, we can hopefully utilize it in the next upgrade we do.

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Well, I’d rather you have the plugin automatically like every other customers :wink:


This is teetering on feature request, but has there been any thought to adding a field/setting to make it so communities can hide admins from that page?

We seems to be a very rare/unique situation where we have a lot of inactive admins, they are admins because they need to access reports or potentially update a site-wide banner, but beyond that, they really have zero to no interaction with the forum.

Granted we can make a similar plugin to exclude even more individuals (assuming it doesn’t interfere with the Discourse automatic one for hosted customers), and maybe that is the preferred way.


This would be helpful for me as well. I helped someone set up a forum, but I do not participate in it. I’d love to remove my name from the admin list so that people do not erroneously believe I can help them.