Hide staff from /about page

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Optionally hide some staff from the /about page

Entering users like this:

will make their links be hidden from the /about page.

One example of when this is useful is if someone is a technical administrator of the site, but is not a member of the community. Discourse.org uses a plugin for this; here is a theme component that does the same.

Though the url has “staff” in the URL, it hides the users from both the moderator and admin section of the /about page.

Caveat: If there is only one admin or moderator and that user is hidden, then there will be an “admin” or “moderator” heading with no users listed under it.


Brilliant, just what I needed to hide, well, you! :rofl: Thanks Jay!


A component in urgent need, thank you


Gotta love the defaults, then!


Category moderators are still visible. So this can hide only real forumwide ones.

Are those on the /about page?

Is there reason that someone would want to hide them?

Can your send me a link?


I don’t know. Why would someone like to hide staff? Perhaps for same reason.

I was just posting (badly formatted) FYI for those who like to hide moderators but are using category moderators with or instead forumwide ones.

Not any more because I changed my moderators from category level to ”staff level”. I don’t look /about ever and anywhere so I forgot totally I’m using same users at every category. I woke up to that situation when I gave testdrive to that component.

To be spesific. It hided wanted user from very first category but not from next ones.

I don’t care, really. I understand why some admins wants to hide moderators, but it didn’t do it with group-based category moderators.

And honestly — /about is so goood hided that is just doesn’t matter what there is or not :wink:

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We have a couple on ours: :slight_smile:


Hmm. At first glance, it looks like those should be hidden as well. I’ll try to take another look next week.

Me too! And @angus as well.

Nice little TC!

Are you open to me adding some functionality for hiding mods and category mods as well? Or at least trying…


Sure! Or you can give me a hint and I can do it.


Music to my ears!!!

Suggestion 1 - Hide mods too

Simply extend the existing functionality so that Moderators can also be hidden (using the same field) and call it ‘hidden staff’ instead.

This makes sense as Discourse cleverly ensures that each Staff user only appears in either Admins or Our Moderators (but not both). While there is less utility in hiding Moderators, there are still some use-cases such as having a test moderator.

Suggestion 2: Hide Category Mods

It is quite common for folk to want to hide Category Mods, as they take up oodles of space and there is little value exposing them publicly outside of the context of the specific category.

Sometimes it makes sense to hide just some of the Category Mods categories, but expose others.

Easily achieved with CSS, for example on my site:

// hide category moderators on /about page
section.about.category-moderators {
    display: none;

I’d do this by using a single field which allows either all or individual categories to be specified.

It might be helpful to be able to suppress some individuals, but I don’t think that it is worth adding that at this stage unless folk ask for it as it would need to be a bit more complex.

Suggestion 3: Roll in Extended About text

That is a super helpful TC, but it only does a single limited function. And would be dead easy to roll in.

It makes sense to me for all /about customisations to be in one place. Plus @nolo is a great dude and might well like to collaborate on this.

You might want to rename this TC ‘Custom About Page’ or similar if you go down this path.

Sub-suggestion: Markdown

It would be even better if the extended about field accepted markdown rather than just raw HTML.