How to increase max search results for groups (in JSON)

I have created a map for my groups called chapters:

These values are queried from, but it seems that the max search results have been hit. How and where I can increase this? This is important because otherwise my map will not show new chapters, or others might disappear due to their alphabetic order.

You mean in your theme component? They are paged, so I think you’ll need to contrive to have your theme component support infinite scroll. (Which I cannot help with.)

I don’t use a custom theme component for this, there is no paging of the results there:

But indeed, in the JSON output it states 35 results are shown, but in total there are 43 and it shows a page in the JSON output From your answer, I guess I cannot configure it that there should be 100 results shown per page? If not, then I have to make the retrieval of the JSON smarter. Not simply a wget, but maybe a Python script that continues to the next page when the total amount of entries have not been collected yet.

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By looking at the API there is no limit or any other option to show more per page. So I guess I indeed have to make my own fix.

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