Lack of pagination on group admin page

Hello, why can’t the groups be paged? If I want to create 1 million groups. There is a problem loading the page

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Is 1 million an exaggeration? I suspect you’d run into other issues as well with that number of groups. Can you describe the use-case a little more and perhaps the actual number of groups you’re looking to support?


The goal is to create a group for each tutorial. To solve problems, we currently have 10,000 tutorials on different topics, now we want to have a troubleshooting group for each tutorial.

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If you simply get the relevant users to ‘Watch’ the topics that they should be troubleshooting you could achieve that without the impossible-to-manage group overhead.

To make that workflow easy, you might need a bespoke plugin / theme component though. But it would be a simple one. Sample spec:

  1. Specified group (staff by default) have an extra option Force (or similar) on Watching menus
  2. Force opens a modal asking for group / users and the level of watching desired
  3. This is then applied on confirmation
  4. A useful extension would be to:
    • display on the modal which people/groups have been forced to watch (and what level) that topic / category / etc in the past
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Can you share API response times of the page and endpoints with the 1M groups?

The page at /g is already paged at 35 groups per page, and uses infinite scrolling to request new pages.

To quickly find a group use the search in that page.