How to make a topic visible to a group and the creator when the user is not a member of the group?

How to make a topic visible to a group Y and the creator when the creator is not a member of the group?
The user should be able to create a topic, which gets a category AAA automatically assigned.
Users from a group Y are allowed to see/reply/create topics in category AAA.
The creator should also have permission to see/reply on his own post.
Is this possible?

:thinking: more than a topic it looks like a direct message to a group with some interaction settings allowing for everyone to send group messages (and to be seen by every one).


If I would be a group member would I only see the message/topic in my messages box?

What I’m actually trying to accomplish is time based permissions per user or maybe groups.
A user would only be able to see/reply posts if they are older than X days or when the user created the topic.

You won’t see them in Latest or New indeed but you would see them in the notification panel under your avatar

Hmm, not really what I’m aiming for because user B who is a member of group Y will likely see it as spam.

With a plugin you could maybe automate the creation of a group per creator and a sub-category per topic, but then the timing element :exploding_head:
perhaps a tweaked trust level, to be added to the security of the sub-category.

Okay was wondering if you considered using Trust levels in Category Permissions?

As a user would need to spend time to “level up” and thus be older so to speak.

The Plugin Restricted replies might also be used similarly using trust levels or a group.