How to map Discourse Self Hosted to another Domain

I have installed Discourse on a separate Azure Virtual machine with 7GB Ram Server because on my main server i have apache with PHP and many more application, So now for e.g, my discourse is on community . example . com and main website is example2 . com.

How can i map Discourse website on Such as if open forum . example2 . com will eventually show community . example . com

I added CNAME record but it redirected me to community . example . com.

Run discourse-setup again and enter the domain name that you want your Discourse to respond to.


Will that work @pfaffman ? if they are on different server?

Yes. As long as they are different names (,, and are all different), there is no problem.

okay let’s try. let me tell you currently discourse is on and i want it on

I don’t understand. Was my example wasn’t clear because I didn’t include as an example host name? If they have different names, it’s fine. Just re-run discourse-setup and use the name that you want for Discourse.