How to migrate from one platform / forum to Discourse

You want to migrate your community to Discourse? Awesome! As daunting as it may seem, it has been done a good number of times and so we have some tips, guides and documentation to help you get started, I will link to them all in this root guide.

First off an explainer of how the migration documentation for Discourse on Meta is currently structured.


If you have a question on migration, there is a chance it has already been asked, you can find FAQs (frequently asked questions) on migration here: Latest migration topics in support - Discourse Meta. Feel free to search these topics here: :mag: migration question. If your question hasn’t been asked, click here to ask your question here: Ask migration question


We have guides on migrating from popular platforms like:

All migration / import guides can be seen here: Latest migration topics in developers - Discourse Meta, so if you are looking to find a migration guide for your specific platform, be sure to check there or search: :mag: migration guides

Prep guides

There are other guides that help in the general migration process in other categories, I’ll list them below for easy access:

If you are looking for other migration topics not mentioned or referenced here, you can always use search to find them: :mag: other migration topics

Import scripts

Asides the guides, we also have import scripts for different platforms, some of which do not yet have a guide, you can find these import scripts here: discourse/script/import_scripts at master · discourse/discourse ( We also have a bulk importer feature:

Migration training

You’ve gone through the links above and still find migrating daunting? Don’t worry, we have a step by step guide you can follow to ramp up your migration skills. It would require a good understanding of server administration, script writing and data wrangling/management. If you have these skills, then feel free to take on this training and share your progress as you go.

Link to migration training topic - may be coming soon