How to modify the user activity screen right side section

I am trying to add another new tab in the plugin outlet user-activity-bottom ( after Solved,Votes …) .

After adding a vertical tab, how do I display its data on the right side.

The template file that has this plugin-outlet is activity.hbs , its contoller is user-activity.js.es6.

The activity.hbs has following code for “section right”

<section class='user-right'>

I was not able to understand how are the questions on the right side being populated, where are its templates located


If you look at app-route-map.js.es6, you will see that the routes for the activity types (topics, replies, bookmars, etc.) are nested inside the user.userActivity route, so you could create a route map:

export default{
  resource: 'user.userActivity',
  path: '/u/:username/activity',
    this.route('newStream', { path: 'new-stream' });

then create a template user-activity-new-stream.hbs (this will be displayed inside the outlet you mentioned before) and link to that route in your user-activity-bottom connector.

Also, in case you wonder, the activity types routes use the user-stream and the stream-item components to populate the right side section.


Thankyou @jafeth.diazc, I was able to add the route.

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