How to put password as a AWS Parameter Store ARN in app.yml

I am running discourse setup in ec2 instance docker container. I am using external RDS Postgresql database. I want to pass on credentials as a ARN of parameter store in app.yml file. But seems like app.yml file interpreting ARN as a plain password.

Please suggest the correct way to pass on AWS ARN in app.yml file. My sample app.yml code is below:

  DISCOURSE_DB_PASSWORD: arn:aws:ssm:us-west-1:121212121212:parameter/discourse-db-password

I also tried ARN with quotes but did not work.

Thanks in advance.

When I’ve used RDS I’ve used the postgres password. I don’t think that you can use the ARN like you’re trying to.

I am sure you can do it but I am not getting any post regarding this solution. Passing passwd directly in app.yml is not a secure way. Do you prefer any other method.


If your database is protected by a password, you are not secure. You’ll configure networking and firewalls so that only your VM can access the database, so knowing the password doesn’t make much difference.

I’m sure that cdck/ runs plenty of sites on AWS with RDS and am fairly certain that they configure those very same variables with the password.