How to re-enable bootstrap mode?

I failed to increase bootstrap mode min users before I reached the default of 50 users. I increased it to 100 and expected that that would automatically re-enable bootstrap mode until the new number of users is reached, but apparently this is not the case as new users are all TL0.

How can I re-enable bootstrap mode?

If you are self-hosting, I think this should work:

cd /var/discourse
./launcher enter app
rails c

Hm, something is not working here. I followed these instructions and, indeed, the banner reminding me that we’re in bootstrap mode reappeared in the backend. But a new user that signed up a minute ago is nevertheless TL0…

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I think you also need to manually bump the default trust level setting – on a new install in bootstrap mode, this setting actually has the non-default value of 1.

In that case, the only point in re-enabling bootstrap mode would be that it will automatically re-set the default trust level setting to 0 once the user count is reached? (Or will it?)

Update: I just realized that bootstrap mode also includes that new users receive daily summaries by default. So it takes care of that setting too.

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I think so, but I’m not sure.

In retrospect, I actually think that the better solution is to


plus: you also need to manually set the default email digest frequency.

So, ultimately, the only thing that re-enabling bootstrapping mode in the shell will do is to rest these settings automatically when the user count is reached. So you might as well do that manually based on when you think the time is right.


Indeed. Though my suggestion will, in fact, reset Bootstrap mode, it won’t really do what one might think (including me, when I suggested it).