How to remove post completely?

Sorry, I was unclear. I am both a Mod and an Admin and I am looking for a way to hide an inadvertantly exposed password. I have edited the post and hidden the revision. My concern is that this users password is still viewable by my Mod user. Can the revision be deleted or hidden further?

You would require database access for that.

It’s not a very satisfying answer, but once the person exposed the password, they should change it. Even if you could remove it, the cat is out of the bag.


I don’t see any problem with it personally, once the user makes an error they have to take remedial action too.

The internet has a degree of permanence that no amount of extra code will fix.


They should absolutely change their password, and all other sites that use the same password (probably all). Unfortunately, most people won’t.

I’ve done a rake/rebake to mitigate the risk for now.

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Is there still no way to delete deleted posts from the database? Maybe an option in admin panel to remove deleted post from the database after x month would be a good idea.

No, and it’s not on the roadmap.

Exposed passwords should be changed and the revision hidden.

Database space for those is negligible, and just a pet peeve for some.


I really think deleting something forever should be on the roadmap, I don’t see the point is keeping posts which are of low quality, spam or topics which break code of conduct on a community, as admins we should have the choice for a soft delete and a permanent delete. If I remove a post because it was spreading hate or toxicity why would I want to keep that content on my servers?


I agree, in particular not because of space but from a legal perpective. Some soft deleted posts may not even be allowed to remain in the database.

Every DMCA takedown requires you to delete the content from all physical devices.


Exactly, if a user starts posting content which is not allowed or illegal, I should be able to perform a permanent deletion.


In understand that you probably want to do that from the interface, but as a safe alternative,

The problem I have with this is it is not really an official way, I think this delete forever should be implemented within the UI. Pretty much any other forum has a soft delete and a delete forever feature :confused:


I really think this should be a builtin feature.

We get support requests from time to time asking us to fully delete posts from the database. The most common case is that a user has uploaded an attachment to a post that contains sensitive information. It also happens when a user has posted sensitive information in a topic. When we get these requests, we fully delete the post from the site’s Rails console.

For the case where the post can stay, but some details need to be removed, I’m wondering if this can be safely handled with the “Hide Revision” functionality:

For example, if a sensitive document had been uploaded to the post, would editing the upload out of the post and then selecting “Hide Revision” take care of all security concerns?

One more use case when deleting post would be nice: integration with Wordpress. If I delete a post in Discourse - it’s hidden in the forum, but it’s still visible in WP… :frowning: Maybe it’s something to address in the WP integration plugin?

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I’m having that problem right now. And it’s a big issue because WP shows a link on the page depending on whether there is an associated topic. So now I show a link on my page to a deleted topic.

If the idea is that everything should be “un-doable” then why isn’t creating a topic un-doable?

Just checking if this is still not on the roadmap - this would be a useful feature in some compliance scenario’s so we’re considering building a plugin.

To remove a post you made, click the 3 dots (…) then click the trash icon. Note: You have up to 24 hours before a post is permanently removed. This is to avoid accidental deletion of a post!

I think it is possible now. That’s how I understand this announcement

I completely missed that, thank you!

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