How to retrieve from API only posts of specific user (by e-mail, username or id)


I’ve been looking on following API documentation:

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any endpoint that would allow me to retrieve only posts of a specific user - this is a hard requirement of feature I’m working in web app integrated with Discourse. I would like to retrieve them by e-mail address, but Discourse username or id would work for me.

Does API offer this functionality?

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Check the activity tab. It might help; but it depends on what you really need.

  • User’s posts: /user_actions.json?offset=0&username=USERNAME&filter=5
    Note: You can play with offset and limit
    Note: filter has those values:
  likes_given: 1,
  likes_received: 2,
  bookmarks: 3,
  topics: 4,
  posts: 5,
  replies: 6,
  mentions: 7,
  quotes: 9,
  edits: 11,
  messages_sent: 12,
  messages_received: 13,
  pending: 14


  • Latest posts: /USERNAME/activity.json
  • By topics: /topics/created-by/USERNAME.json

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