How to search by topic author

Hey guys!

I’m using the api to run search on my wordpress front end. I’d need a way to pull all topics created by a user in a select category.

If I use these parameters: @Olivier_Lambert #general it returns messages left in other people’s topic.

There must be some parameters like “author:@username” or something like that.

Also, is there a reference document containing all search parameters we can use?

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Can you use this endpoint?


This search query will return all topics created by a user in a given category:

in:first #support @downey

If you remove the in:first it will return all topics and replies by that author.


I was gonna warn against this, but maybe you know a way to solve my issue with using the search query: it logs it in the dashboard, making the trending search term widget useless.

Granted, not a huge deal, but: can one use the search endpoint without logging it?

Also interested by this.

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I don’t think there is a formal document, but if you use the UI elements in the search results page (or the “options” link in the search widget, you can experiment with the various options and see the syntax appear once you have completed the form.

This is probably better handled as a separate support topic as it isn’t really related to the question posted by @Olivier_Lambert.

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Oh, yep. It didn’t occur to me they’d be passing it along at time of search (I’m not a total ditz, I cache things in WordPress and thought we were having the same issue :nerd:).

I don’t know why but my brain always ignored this selector, which turns out to contain a lot of interesting filters!

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