How to send Discourse Webhooks using a Discord Webhook?

Like the title says, I am trying to add a webhook to log events, and even make a suggestions system, but I am running into an issue where it doesn’t send the information to my Discord Webhook. Please help!

Hi, Glow :slight_smile:

Your question lacks information for us to be able to answer, and even know if it’s a Discourse-related issue or a Discord-related one :slight_smile:

What does the URL you’re trying to send your Discourse webhook data look like?
Is it for example a custom script hosted on a web server?

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Hi, my webhook looks something like this, when I was setting up a webhook for github, I had to add /github to the end of the link, so I maybe need to add /discourse?

(I will reset the webhook link now)

God, I forgot to attach the image haha, here it is

I think you set that up by following this guide: Github to Discord Webhook · GitHub.

If I am understanding the issue correctly, you are trying to send a Discourse webhook to Discord. Is that correct? If so, it may be somewhat complicated to get it to work. It’s an old post, but details about the issue are in the first reply to this topic:

The second reply in that topic shows how to get it to work with Zapier. Another possible approach is here: Discourse to Discord Webhook. This all seems overly complicated. Has anyone tried recently to point a Discourse webhook at Discord?


This also may be of interest

this also looks interesting

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