How to set redis DB ID in Docker container?

I have one data container and I would like to use several web_only containers (several forums on separate servers). How to I pass a DB ID to web_only container so that multiple forums use their own cache?

Without this the stats reported in Admin -> Reports are mixed up between different forums.

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I’ve got the same issue. I have an existing redis cluster (with replication and failover) that I want Discourse to use, but I can’t find a way to tell Discourse which database index to use.

I’ve found the corresponding setting via this answer. It’s hidden in discourse_defaults.conf:

It’s called redis_db, so the corresponding setting in the container yaml should be DISCOURSE_REDIS_DB.

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Definitely do not do anything like this :fire: . Message Bus which is responsible for long polling relies on pub/sub, pub/sub is always on “db 0” not configurable.

If you try to co-host multiple Discourses on one Redis DB expect some very major amount of breakage.


Thank you for the warning! :bowing_man: