Two Discourses - in containers - interfere with each other?

Hi guys.

I am seeing, getting something which is - hopefully not only in my opinion - verryyy! weird.
I have two discourse containers which seemingly deployed & work a ok.
Those two sites - in the browsers at least - seem to interfere with each other.
I login to Asite and see bits, such as categories, from the Bsite one, I hit refresh couple of times and this site, the browser seems to settle.
I logout from Asite - which has “no anonymous access” - or hit that refresh, then the other Bsite acts the same, as if login was required to view, which is not ! the case here.

Or even worse, being logged out from both, I switch to tab with Asite - with no “anonymous” - refresh, go back to the tab with Bsite, now this one also defaults to login-required, also ! logo & site title is “leaked” from Asite.
This happens within the same one browser - Brave - and if go to a different browser, say Chromium, then Bsite is Bsite, if I do that and immediately refresh same Bsite in Brave browser then… it is “fixed” there too now, but…
it does not stop there - if I, in Brave, hit refresh number of times then a short moment later Chromium also will get ‘login required’ from Asite, in Bsite.


This certainly must not be a real & actual Discourse’s issue, but rather it’s me having something done wrong or not have done and missed something.

Both discourse-containers are behind Nginx’s proxy.

Any & all suggestions are much appreciated.

Please share the app.yml file of each site.

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Are they sharing redis?

Ah… yes, these both discourse-containers talk to the same one, outside-of-container Redis.
Is there a doc(s) - if such deployment/setup is possible that is - with guidelines for multiple Discourses with/to single Redis?

They each need their own redis.

I don’t remember, or fully understand the particulars, but discourse uses some feature that requires each site to have its own redis.

An easy (and cheap) solution would be to include the redis template in your web_only container.

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