How to show the latest discussion on the front page of our main website

I’m sure this has been covered somewhere BUT at the risk of getting clobbered, does anyone know how to show the Latest Discussions (rss? xml?) on another page?

For us, the discourse forum will be a sub-directory of a larger site. I’d love to show the Latest 5 Discussion topics on the front page of the main site as a way to get people engaged with the forum.

Any thoughts on how to do this? Reference posts?

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You can embed discourse on a website:

Would that work for your set-up?


I don’t know if it will help, but I show an exerpt of the last topics on my Wordpress website. Look at the right sidebar.

I use
But I need additional information, so I use I use to get the categories’ names from their ID.
I also use[topic-number] for each of my 5 last topics to get additional information.

I don’t do much of these requests, I use a CRON task so it’s not updated in real time, maybe twice or once a day…

Maybe @JammyDodger’s link will be of better help :smile:


Thank you for the response. I’ll dig into this and let you know if it works for our site.



This is great, thanks!

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