Widget to embed in 3rd party websites

Is there any way to embed either specific topics, or “latest posts”, or similar into a 3rd party site? Preferably just some Javascript or iframe code.

I tried searching and Googling and couldn’t find a solution.

Thanks in advance!

This was the closest thing I could think of, but it’s for comments.

Yes, it’s possible, and works well:


Awesome! This looks like it should do the trick.

Just curious though why I can only get it to show 1 topic? Does anyone know?

Here’s the category (that has many topics): Amazon Specific - eCommerce Sellers Forum

And the embed code:
<d-topics-list discourse-url="https://forum.flowster.app" template="complete" top_period="all" category="17" per-page="5"></d-topics-list>

But only one topic appears: