How to store uploads with multiple web_only servers?

What is the recommended way to store uploads when using a split data/web_only containers setup with multiple webserver containers? It can be done using the S3 upload support, but in Setting up file and image uploads to s3 it appears that S3 upload storage was not recommended some years ago (although that appears to have changed). So if I run multiple web_only containers, how do I make sure they can all access the same upload files? I guess it can be done by storing the uploads on a shared NFS or other type of network mount / cluster filesystem. Is that supported? How does Meta do this (or do you just use S3)?

S3 support is pretty mature now, that topic is from six years ago and a lot has changed.


That’s good to hear, but I’d also like to know how well supported (or not) sharing a network drive between multiple web_only containers is.

It may work, but that is a lot less tested than using S3 (or a clone)