How to subscribe to events (topic created, topic closed, etc..)

I am currently creating a plugin and was wondering how to subscribe to different events.

initializePlugin() exposes an api object that has the function onAppEvent(name, fn).

Is there a list somewhere with the name of the events one can subscribe to?

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Your best shot at an up-to-date list is to grep the source code for these events.

What is the best way to find them? I’m searching for onAppEvent but that isn’t turning up much:

$ grep -r onAppEvent *
app/assets/javascripts/discourse/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:    this.onAppEvent("page:changed", data => fn(data.url, data.title));
app/assets/javascripts/discourse/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:      api.onAppEvent('inserted-custom-html', () => {
app/assets/javascripts/discourse/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:  onAppEvent(name, fn) {
jsapp/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:    this.onAppEvent("page:changed", data => fn(data.url, data.title));
jsapp/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:      api.onAppEvent('inserted-custom-html', () => {
jsapp/lib/plugin-api.js.es6:  onAppEvent(name, fn) {

I was doing some digging as well and found that searching for \.trigger\( produced a list of where events are actually fired.