How to use Discourse Connect (SSO) to update avatar, username, name?

I have been able to set up Discourse SSO at

And I am able to create the user the first time, with their very own email, name, username and avatar.

But the question is, how can I update them once they change on our side (in the app)? I log out and log in with SSO, sending a different name, username and photo, but the old ones remain. I also checked off these things in the admin, which seems like it ought to override at least the avatar, but nothing happens:

Is the name and username always available to be changed? Why isn’t it mentioned alongside “avatar”? In practice, though, NOTHING changes

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Can you share the Discourse Connect code that your app is running? It sounds like it’s not sending the information over in the right way.


Something like this: Here is some PHP code and you'd do similar for iOS and Android. Remember to intercept the URL request in WebView! · GitHub

It is good enough to create the account, with the correct info. But it doesn’t override it later on subsequent logins.

According to this I have to enter the Rails app and set things like SiteSetting.discourse_connect_overrides_avatar . I don’t know if this is because it’s old instructions, but the admin control panel doesn’t even contain stuff like “override name” and “override username”.

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