How to update SSO username?

(Bart) #1

One of my users has updated his username on our main website, so now his SSO username in Discourse is incorrect. How should I update it?

(Felix Freiberger) #2

Is the setting sso overrides username enabled? If no, his username can be changed on his profile by staff (and by himself if your settings allow that). If yes, tell him to log out (or remotely log him out). When he logs in again, the username will be updated.

(Bart) #3

Hi Felix,

thanks for your reply! sso overrides username is disabled. I’ve already updated his Discourse username, but I think I’ll need to update the Username under Single Sign on too? (See below). Or will that be updated correctly if he logs out of the forum and back in again?

(Felix Freiberger) #4

I’m 99% sure that that is for your information only and will update upon next login.

(Bart) #5

Thanks Felix, I’ll go and try that :slight_smile: