How to Validate user with ID proof Number?

How to avoid users by creating multiple accounts using multiple mail id.
So can we Validate users with ID Number.

Expected Behaviour
Ex. Forum for College
When user create Account. Then they required to fill College ID number for creating accounts.

Which will avoid other users by creating multiple accounts.

Is there any extension available? For this.
Also we can ask for there Citizen Card Number for uniqueness of the account

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Add a custom field upon signup.
That won’t prevent duplicates but you can easily make a data explorer query to search for those.


For forum for college you can require them to use their college email address.

You could create a plugin that would require people to use an ID number that hasn’t been used. But what’s to stop someone from using fake ID numbers?

You could have them submit an image of their ID card and have a human approve each account.