HTTPS by Default

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Here at Discourse World HQ, we’re firm believers in the value of security. We fund a public bug bounty program, and we document our security policy and procedures right in the repo. Securing traffic between a forum’s server and its users is important, too, and we’ve had first-class support for integrating Let’s Encrypt into a self-hosted Discourse server since virtually…



Does this mean the fee for the SSL addon will be dropped on future invoices?

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The addon pack that included HTTPS support also includes higher page view and storage limits, so we’re not removing it from existing customers without their consent. If you don’t want the addon pack any more, you can contact support to request it be removed from your bill. Bear in mind, though, that the price for the HTTPS-included addon pack is significantly lower than the current price for the same limit increases. It was a sweetheart deal we were providing, to encourage people to choose to adopt HTTPS, before it was possible to roll it out by default.