I am a WordPress developer looking to learn Discourse development

I want to learn how the discourse code works and the APIs provided by discourse to develop custom features.

How should I or any new person proceed in this direction?

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I collected together a bunch of links a while back.

Take a look here: How can I make my own Discourse plugins? (it’s ever so slightly outdated but mostly still relevant)

Be prepared to be patient - it’s quite a steep learning curve but utterly worth it! Good luck!


Thanks a lot man. I’ve already setup the software on my machine.

Also, what is the scope for me if I want to take up development work for discourse in the future?

That’s a discussion you need to have with the Discourse team. They are open to PRs, but of course you need to respect their goals, terms and their quality control :). I’d focus on plugins first :slight_smile:


Search “#howto theme” and '#howto plugin".

If you are looking for projects to get started, there are some things tagged #pr-welcome that you can do to submit PRs.

You can also take on work posted in #marketplace.