I like Discourse and the perf updates

I don’t know exactly what changed (I check all the commits, even if I don’t really understand anything :joy:) but my CPU and hardrive (the swap file I guess) can breathe a lot more since an upgrade on 04/21.

We can see a big change in these graphs :

(I think it’s related to the unicorn workers and db shared buffers auto-config, but I’m not sure)

I use Discourse for almost a year now, and I like the constant evolution of the forum and the search of performances at the same time. I noticed the big evolution on Android devices for example, that was a great change.

I like having these surprises on my DO droplet.

Anyway, very good work, we made a great choice by using Discourse.

For the record, my stats are around : 700 sessions and 7000 page views per day. And I have a 10$ droplet on DO.


Well, thanks, but that would only apply to brand new instances provisioning from scratch, e.g. /launcher bootstrap app. Before that change we relied on people entering the correct values, based on their CPU and RAM, for database cache and number of unicorns.

So probably, that change can’t take credit for this. What version did you upgrade from on 4/21?

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I upgraded Discourse almost every night this week, it must be the change the team made on 4/20.

I think I did a rebuild app that night.

I don’t remember if I made some change to these options (I must have let the unicorn worker commented) when I installed my forum, I was pretty over my head at that time, too much to read, to understand :sweat_smile:

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