I see Discourse by port number but i couldn't see it to subdomain. (:3001)

I installed discourse on the server with Webmin. I can see the discourse when i do this ipadress:3001 but i can’t see it on forum.myadress.com

How can I solve this problem?

Webmin panel, i don’t use nginx. I’m using apache2.

I’m sorry, but Discourse isn’t supported on non-standard ports.

You’re going to need to install on :80/:443 to get any assistance here.

If you use the search you will find several topics on using Apache as a reverse proxy, but as Discourse includes nginx within the container no external web server is required for installation.

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What does it mean? The installation was successful. :neutral_face:

I’m not sure what this means. I’ve not used Webmin, so how was Discourse installed? Does it install using the official installer Docker container as shown in the install guide?

The container should bind to 80/443 by default but it sounds like it did not or is in a development setup.

I could’nt install the discourse on these ports. I was only able to setup it like this.

I don’t quite understand what that is, though. Did you run the ./discourse-setup script and fill in the prompts? Did the container build correctly? Do the entries in /var/discourse/containers/app.yml appear correct?

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Yes everything is correct and working.

As you’ve already found from your install, Discourse won’t work correctly on a non standard-port. We can’t help you here unless you install it in a supported configuration.

If you’re going to use Apache2 as a reverse proxy you’re going to need to look at one of the topics here which discusses using the socketed template.