I want to start a Discourse

Hello. I love how discourse run and for my IT videos and hint i will give the next months i would maybe create a community, a place to discuss IT things.

I wonder if I can buy a one-time installation for 100$ then after just have to pay minor things to run the community. I am really bad at this and I don’t have server (and won’t have one). It is still doable ?

You still have to pay for a server to run Discourse on. We recommend a droplet on Digital Ocean, but you can use pretty much any VPS as long as you meet the requirements.


You will need a server to run. Because one time installation isn’t a final spending. You have to buy a domain name, a hosting( preferably a KVM VPS) which means you cannot buy from any of the hosts giving OpenVz and LXC VPS.

You may have to spend atleast $10 for non recommended 1gb RAM host. So you may have to stretch you budget atleast $140 per year.

We hope you will run discourse soon.


I really need to have a physical server ?
Can you help me to list every things i have to buy (internet)

You should have an account hosting account.
A domain name.
A main server( Sendgrid etc)
And someone who can help you during downtimes

You don’t really have a physical server, but rent space on one.

I answer many questions on my install page.