Idea: available hours / work hours flair

This is inspired by the holiday calendar plugin feature which adds :desert_island: flair and a :spiral_calendar: decoration to @usernames.

I work in a global community, and with a mix of volunteers who are primarily available evenings and folks who are participating as part of their work day. It’d be nice to be more aware of everyone’s availability.

So the idea: the ability to give “work hours” in one’s profile settings, and then have corresponding :zzz: flair displayed when outside of that time.


A little off topic, but we have a couple of things which might be helpful for the ‘global’ portion of your request. If you enable the display local time in user card site setting, then everyone will get their local time displayed on their user card. For example, on our internal instance, my user card looks like this:

Screenshot 2021-11-16 at 13.13.54

We also use this theme component to help visualize timezone overlaps:

Admittedly, neither of these let people define their own ‘working hours’, so they don’t solve the day/evening part of your suggestion.