Identifying special users (staff view only)

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I want to have selected members display a tag automatically when they create a topic.
I will call these VIP members. When support staff is going through the topic list, the “VIP” tag will make it easy to know who these folks are. I cannot use a flair, because this needs to be hidden and only staff can see. Plus the flair will not display in the topic lists.

I have assigned a tag to a group, but I am not getting the expected behavior. Is this even possible?



I believe that you’ll need a custom plugin to automatically assign the staff-only tag to topics created by members of that group.

EDIT: But if you just want to be able to see it, I think you can make a theme component that would mark those topics just for staff.


Isn’t having to parse the whole topic list in latest looking for visual clues in some rows a really cumbersome way to keeping track of a subset of users interactions?

I’d recommend looking for a group post list, which will be a filtered view with only VIP interactions and from where you can easily jump into the related topic with a single click.

Example Discourse Team feed:


I am not sure if this would do the trick or not. But there is a Follow plugin to subscribe to users.

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@Falco, I actually have this set up to demo to the support team. I agree that this is easier than scrolling through the topic lists.

Thanks everyone for your comments.