If you leave notifications open forever, you never get notified

(Topic title might need finessing.)

  1. Be logged in to a Discourse forum.
  2. Click on your user icon in the upper right to see the list of likes, replies, mentions, etc.
  3. Walk away from that computer with the menu open.
  4. Log in somewhere else and use the forum.
  5. Wonder why you never see any numbers on your icon / notices of likes and replies.

Twice this has happened to me. Both times it was obvious afterwards why it happened, but not so obvious at the time.

My understanding is that idle time is monitored and used to judge active reading vs away from computer time (to calculate the Time Read field). It would be very nice to have such a timer also used for that menu. No scrolling or clicking for 30+ minutes? Don’t count those alerts as seen.

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I had that happen before as well, I wonder if we should kick off a timer when the dialog opens to close it after say 15 minutes or inactivity. Odds of needing notifications dialog open for 15 minutes seem quite low. @eviltrout @codinghorror thoughts?


I’ve never had this happen but it seems reasonable to me.