Iframe reference being stripped in editor

Hi guys,

When attempting to place an iFrame the editor appears to be stripping the URL off it leaving a blank, box, even for whitelisted domains.


Does it work if you use the correct quotes (not curly quotes) and removing space between attributes names and values?

<iFrame src = “https://coinpayments.net” widht= “300px” height=“300px”>

should be

<iframe src="https://coinpayments.net" width="300px" height="300px">


Curly quotes was causing the stripping :+1:

Discourse doesn’t strip it now, but equally it doesn’t render it, same across FF and Chrome, installed graceful theme to see if it was something appended onto our default theme and the same behaviour persists. Odd.

I’ll poke it with a stick and report back but I’ll take ideas if anyone’s got any!

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Unless you have whitelisted the source, a random <iframe> is not going to work.