iFrame removes content if first item in post

If in a post I put an iframe below some text content, the iframe shows below it, but if I put the iframe above the text content, the iframe shows but the text disappears.

I’m baffled, I imagine it’s something to do with how the content is cooked, but not sure why it’d do that.

Any idea what’s happening?

I’m unable to reproduce. Is there some specificity about the text? :thinking:

Ooo, I appreciate you trying to reproduce it. I was using a <details> tag, so maybe that’s it or there’s a conflicting component on my end.

But glad to know it’s maybe a problem on my side, I’ll dig into it more, thanks!

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I was only putting <iframe src="https://www.example.com"> and was not including a closing tag of </iframe>.

I include it and it works :man_facepalming:

Thank you helping me realize it was on my side :hugs:


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