Ignore certain tags when searching/filtering?

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We migrated from an old phpBB that also had a lot of german topics. We tagged those as “german” and encourage everyone to use english as preferred language. English topics don’t have a tag. Now, a lot of new users just don’t understand german (who can blame them? :yum:) and one asked if there’s a possibility to exclude those german-tagged topics in their view. I couldn’t find an obvious solution - the filtering can do all, none or one specific tag. The search offers “with tags:”, but not “without tags:”. Is there a possibility to do this?

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You should be able to mute the tag you don’t want to see.

  • visit the tag page
  • select the notification control at upper right
  • select mute

You can accomplish this today using:
search keywords tags:

You can test it on Meta using the following search keywords:

editor keyboard shortcut conflict
first result ends up being (which has a tag #pr-welcome)

editor keyboard shortcut conflict tags:
Only shows the releases related results (does not show the feature tagged as #pr-welcome)


As an update on this one, you can now exclude tags from a search using the ‘not tag’ operator -tag:TAGNAME

eg: for non-official theme components it would be #theme-component -tag:official

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