Image resizing question


On a forum I work on, the Files settings are the default ones, except for these:

Notably, these settings weren’t changed:


In this message, all uploaded pictures but the first one have very large dimensions (probably haven’t been resized):


The file size is OK, < 4 MB as it should be, but when I try to upload similar resolution pictures from my computer or my smartphone, they’re all resized to 1920×1440 or 1920×1080 px whether the originals are more or less than 4 MB.

So, how the pictures in the linked post weren’t resized to 1920px width? :thinking:

Note: the forum uses 2.9.0.beta4.

Looking at the 2.0.5.beta5 changelog, could it be related to one of these bugs fixes?

  • Allows image to be displayed at the right size
  • Ensure post_hotlinked_media index does not exceed size limit
  • Ensure ‘crop’ always returns requested dimensions

If you look closely you will see that the first one on the post was resized and compressed just fine but the following ones weren’t. The client side image optimization happens on a best effort, if it fails it passes the original images back to the server.

I’ve seen this behavior of failing to compress images after the first one on iOS devices where memory pressure is high. Not much we can do IMO.


Good to know!

Thank you for this probable explanation.

Just to know, is there a rake task or a rails command that could trigger a resize on images that are larger than the site setting (1920 width, 1920 height)?

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