Image upload size/resize question

I can’t remember, but that’s what I think I did. I have been adding topics to the forum for about two weeks now. When I tried to either drag a graphic in or click the graphic icon, that’s when I get the error. I did have one web directed upgrade that also went smoothly. Perhaps this is a text only product or graphics is a paid option? I can’t seem to find any info on this.

oh no, I don’t recall ever seen such things here :sweat_smile:

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If /var/discourse contains only shared, then you installed some other way and we can’t guess what the problem might be. the best advice is to take a backup and restore it to the new installation.


Far enough. Is there any way for me to make an installation of Discourse without Docker? Ideally, I would like to install the product this time around in an LXC container.

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Anything is possible.

If you don’t want anyone else to use your install you can see the development installations.

If you want your install to work on the internet, you really want to go with the docker install. If you offered me $5000 to do your lxc installation, I’d probably pass.