Images in the ‘fancy styling’ version of the Category cards have gone very small

Since the TC was updated (I pulled the update today) the images in the ‘fancy styling’ version of the Category cards have gone very small. Looks like they have dropped down to 40px x 40px.


Previously this image was the full width of the card, and square (so took up an equal amount of vertical space). It is now comically small!

I’ve had a look at the git diff of the two commits that were added since the last one and TBH not being familiar with the codebase I couldn’t see anything that looked like it might be the culprit. In the short term I am trying to fix it with CSS…

Anyone any thoughts? @awesomerobot ?

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I have spent some time fiddling with the sizes of the image, the .category-logo .aspect-image container, and that general area of the cards, and I cannot find any change that seems to affect the size of the image. (The only odd thing about my setup is that I used flexbox to allow 4 cards across the page rather than three, but this shouldn’t really affect things - and indeed reverting the flexbox setting doesn’t fix the small images problem)


I experience the same.
It’s because of this Discourse core SCSS:

Until a fix is made, you can override this with this code:

.custom-categories-groups .category-logo img {
    --height: auto !important;



Thank you so much @Canapin ! That has fixed it.

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