Import from self build board?


we’ve a board programmed by ourself. This board is from 2003 and has about 5.000 Topics and 250.000 Posts.

We’re checking to use discourse in future to manage our board.

Is there a native import plugin which can import users, topics and posts from JSON, CSV or something in this way? We can provide the data in nearly every format (simple formats prefered ;-).

Had searched here but only found information for autoamtic imports of the “big boards”.

Best regards and a lot of thanks for any idea

Almost all the importers work on the same principle of converting existing data (or database) into discourse friendly version. While there may not be a one size fits all solution ready to be used, You can have a look at Google groups or Disqus imports which I assume use json format data. Checking out the import scripts will give you hints on the exact requirements etc.

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I would modify an existing import script to import directly from your database.


Thanks for your ideas. I’m developer but never had worked with ruby before. So it’s not easy to understand the logik of discourse data by reading the source code.

Found a generic/json-importer (but no documentation how the json should be) and are looking not to the mylittleforum.rb.

In my database I’ve users, topics and posts. No categories yet (maybe we sort topics after import). Don’t understand in source code how the id’s (we work with id as keys and not with mailadresses) are transported through the code and what I’ve to do that all the data are well formed in new database.

Is there a guy (m/f/d :wink: ) outside who would modify an import script for me a comment it or tell me what had to be done? What would be the price? Can send database-structure (mySQL) via direct message for better estimation and you can also reach me this way with your offer :slight_smile:

Best regards

I wrote several importers before I knew Ruby. :wink:

I can help. Apologies if you’ve contacted me already and I don’t recognize your name!

You can contact me here: Migrate to Discourse Discussion Platform from your current formum software.

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