Import posts from Facebook group into Discourse


(Sander Datema) #105

Thanks for testing this. I had no idea the Discourse part would still work. I remeber I was never able to extract usernames from Facebook. In stead I used mail addressess.

(Martin Eriksson) #106

I was perhaps a bit unclear in my last post, it seems the importer could not fetch user objects at all this time. Previously it fetched users including their id, first_name, last_name etc. But Iā€™m not sure if it ever fetched usernames. I always just referenced the user data objects by their Facebook ID.

I want to emphasize that it might be very easy to fix this and get the script to fetch user objects again. Maybe just a slightly different API call or maybe some permission you need to set when generating the access token.

See link below. If Facebook is in the middle of a transition between versions, that might explain why there are problems. So far, the importer has used the user_managed_groups permission. Perhaps it is easy to rewrite it to use the new Groups API.