Importing MyBB database to Discourse

Hi, is there a way to import MyBB threads, posts, and other information into discourse?

I tried following this guide: Importing MyBB to Discourse

I ran into many issues and errors and could not get it to work. I even tried it on a fresh, new VPS droplet and installed all the discourse dependencies as written in this guide: Beginners Guide to Install Discourse on Ubuntu for Development

I still get errors. Just running the command $ bundle install I get the error

Could not find gem 'mysql2 x86_64-linux' in any of the gem sources listed in
your Gemfile.

Fixing that, I run into other errors. This entire process seems more complex than it should be. On other forum platforms, importing MyBB was a breeze.

Maybe the guide is outdated?

In any case, does anyone know how to import the mybb database into discourse?

You’ll need to add the gem to the gemfile. Some of the other guides may have better instructions for that part of the process,so you might look at some of those. The gem should be just “mysql2” though, I’d think.

It’s hard to keep topics like that up to date, and those who do imports regularly don’t look at them. And little details that trip up a novice are invisible to those who are familiar with the various pieces many of which (like installing mysql, importing the database, setting up a user in the database, installing gems and doing a bundle install} are not really discourse issues.

And then, when someone like you does manage to figure out out, you’re too busy at the end to spend another couple of hours tweaking these instructions.

If you have a budget, I could start offering an installation service that included mysql, the proper gems installed and a script that will kick off the import.

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