Impossible to have full screen from video. HTML tag is needed?

Hi. I can’t have full screen on my videos from PeerTube. I put them on Mastodon and they take full screen, but not at Discourse.

I have written to the PeerTube admin from my PT instance and he told me that couldn’t find the fullscreen tag from the iframe at the video. The video is this one.

When I try to insert the video with an iframe code, there’s nothing at the space where the video should be. Remains empty. So, a question here too: the HTML iframe doesn’t works at Discourse, only Markdown? Or maybe I do it wrong? I take only the code from PeerTube to insert and paste it on the Discourse editor.

I have tried a lot of times with other instances of PeerTube. The result was the same. So, if the problem happens at Discourse (at Mastodon doesn’t), there is a way to have fullscreen at Discourse, maybe in a way I don’t know? Or I have to insert the video with a different language, not Markdown?.. I don’t know what to do more… Can you help me?

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Did you add the origin URL to the setting allowed iframes ?


Thank you, @Falco. I did it now:

And, then, I removed the * symbol. Same result…

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I tried to do it with Vimeo this time. I have no full screen either… :worried:

The iframe, more elaborated, doesn’t work. The link to the video, pure and simple, doesn’t show the fullscreen option. I don’t know, there are any video platform where you can have full screen at your videos? (Not YouTube, please).

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It can be that is still not working this code at Discourse Core?

The issue I’m asking was commented here, or similar:

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Let’s try the standard Vimeo share code:

Looks ok to me :thinking:


And what do you see here? I can’t do fullscreen at my Discourse. Can you do it here?

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Wow! Here is possible, at my forum, it isn’t. What the hell? And is wider at my forum too. Occupies all the “channel” of text (I don’t remember -or maybe know- now what name can be that). Here is the half or less than there.

What could be the mistake? It’s me, can be something at the forum? I did already the “allowed iframes” issue, but I don’t use the iframe code, only the normal link to share.

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There are no thoughts to solve it?

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I’ve the same problem, however my case could be different from @aldobelus.
In our environment, discourse is part of a bigger portal, which loads each component in an iframe.

  • Full-screen button exists, if I open the site directly in a new tab.
  • Full-screen button is missing, if I open the site in iframe. In embedded videos, it’s so to say iframe in iframe.

The video itself is available and playable in both cases.

Has anyone an idea what could be the problem and how to troubleshoot?

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We don’t support running Discourse inside an iFrame. You technically can do it, but it just end being this weird mess.


Thanks for your reply and input – I’m 100% with you, no question.
However, if there is an option in the settings, which you can use to allow running Discourse in an iframe, our customers often ask why this and that is not working -anymore- and generate unnecessary work to debug things that will NEVER work. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not discussing it with you at all and see it the same way as you do.

My suggestion would be that we add a note next to the “allow embedding site in an iframe” in the settings that this feature is not recommended and/or supported – or something like that.

Do you (guys) see it the same way? What’s your opinion on it?