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This reminds me in particular of city builders in the late 90s, early 00s like Caesar 3. You would start the game with a minimal toolbar, and unlock more of it as the game progressed. The idea(correctly) being that the full toolbar is not needed to begin with, and in fact reduces your ability to act successfully because you are presented with advanced options before you even learn the basics. The question in Discourse is, how best to differentiate between users who are already capable of using the advanced features and those who are not? Trust levels?


I’m at TL1 on one Discourse because I started there a couple days ago. But I can use the composer/markdown — a little bit anyway but I can do even basic tables :wink:

So, TL may not be the best option because it is part of trust, obviously, and is more or less showing how good you are known.

Preferences could be better place and then everyone could chose will one use ”expanded” toolbar or not. But it would bloat options and that is not stylish way either.

WordPress has this:

My setup is far away from good, but the idea is clear: we have a button that shows and hides extras. I don’t code but how hard job something like that could be?

Are we/I offtopic now?