Improved Bookmarks with Reminders

It’s a huge improvement. Bookmarks were previously where links went to die*.

I’ve just cleared out my local bookmarks, and am experimenting with ways to remind myself about bookmarks everywhere else…

* Crediting Jeff for that line, forgot he said the same thing a couple of posts up


Literally… I press bookmark and found stuff I forgot why I bookmarked it because I didn’t have a reminder. Now I do yay! :blush:


one of the best features ever! :star_struck: thanks Discourse-Team :heart: .


This would be a phenomenal addition to Discourse, making bookmarks ACTIONable!


I get sent to the right page when clicking on the icon now :+1:

Be great if could see the authors of the bookmarked post at the page ( too, especially since you can see them in the “menu” version of bookmarks. Bit weird to have info available in one and not the other.


I have no insight into the exact dynamics that contributed to this excellent feature, but I suppose these earlier discussions were somehow part of it:


If you are a real Discourse OG you remember stars and the star versus bookmark debate … :star2:


Eagerly awaiting such a wonderful feature.
Gem among gems.


Minor issue: clicking the ‘x’ icon or outside the dialog will not cancel the current action, but save it instead.


When can normal users like us expect to have this wonderful feature in our installations?
:grin: :bomb:


We have now promoted the Improved Bookmarks with Reminders to a core feature, available to everybody, with the new 2.5.0.beta3. All existing post_actions bookmarks will be migrated when you update your Discourse forum. Feedback is encouraged and welcome! :star2:

I have updated the OP with a more accurate description of the features. The following important changes have been made recently:

  • Bookmarks with reminders can now be edited.
  • Deleting bookmarks is now a 2-step process completed from the modal window, and a confirmation is shown if you are deleting a bookmark with a reminder.
  • Keyboard shortcuts have been added to select a reminder type and navigate the bookmark modal.
  • “Later Today” is now available until 5pm, and the later time is capped to 6pm. So from 3pm-5pm you will be able to see and use this reminder option but it will not go later than 6pm.

Lovely work.

Awesome to see the tab snooze extension like functionality (explained below) in a discourse native way.


This is a very cool feature and I like the idea of reminders… but I also recognize this is not something my members will like or enjoy at this moment. Is it possible to disable the new reminder option? If not, is there a hook available so I can write a plugin to do so?

(Yes, I know they can dismiss the reminder dialog with a click and ignore it. But my community is in a funny place, they’re adapting very slowly to the new Discourse software, and it’s still on delicate ground. Many of my members still use bookmarks to keep track of topics they want to visit regularly-- yes, I know that’s redundant and Discourse does a better job managing this automatically than they will manually!-- but that’s the situation I’m in. Trust me, I can feel that this isn’t a good time to start rocking the boat with a new dialog box that they weren’t expecting, as simple and clear as it is. I’d love to turn this on later but turn it off for now.)


:calendar: This will be super handy. I am not able to see a way to subscribe to an ical feed for my bookmark reminders - am I missing something or is it still in the works?

Edit: ah, here it is: Sync Bookmark Reminders with your favorite Calendar app


@codinghorror we did that similar thing for the discobot, would you support adding this as a default false site setting (skipping the reminder modal)?

I am actually against a site setting here, you can post a theme component though if you feel like it


No, there is no way to do this at the moment. Sorry!


Additionally, any customization restoring the old behavior is going to be unstable until all the cleanup work (changing usages of bookmarkWithReminder to just bookmark) is done.

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I think it also worth mentioning that the old behavior was that we had a button almost nobody ever clicked that performed an action nobody really cared about. And we have plenty of stats to back that up.

I am very much against “restoring old behavior” cause people … have reasons…

If your really hate bookmarks why not just disable bookmarks.


Yes exactly, just remove it from the list of commands on the post if you really want to be rid of bookmark. It’s kind of a useless feature as it existed before anyway… literally the only thing it was good for is cross-browser cross OS “bookmarks” which is such a narrow use case.