Improved Bookmarks with Reminders

We are now trialling improvements to the Bookmarks functionality in Discourse on Meta and internally. All existing post_actions bookmarks here on Meta have been migrated to a new table (called, funnily enough, bookmarks). The feature is not available to everyone just yet.

Bookmark naming and reminders

When you bookmark a post a modal window will now show up with various options.

Note: Topic-level bookmarks (which bookmark the OP of the topic) are not yet using this new modal window. That is on our “Still to come” list for now.

You can click save or simply click out of the modal and a normal bookmark will be saved for the post, with no name or reminder (note how “No reminder needed” is selected by default). You can now also specify a name for the bookmark to help you remember why you bookmarked it. Otherwise you can choose from the following:

  • Later today — Now + 3 hours, rounding to half-hour intervals. Cutoff time for this is 5pm (so 2pm is the latest you can select this option).
  • Next business day — Mon-Fri at 8am. On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this option will be Monday, the rest of the time it will be the same as Tomorrow.
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week — Now + 7 days at 8am.
  • Next month — The current date next month at 8am.
  • Custom date and time — Allows you to specify your own date and time for the reminder.

Any time the “Custom date and time” option is selected we we will remember the input you chose and next time you bookmark a post another reminder option will be shown:

  • Last — The last entered custom date and time, as long as that date and time is in the future

Setting topic-level bookmarks and clearing bookmarks for a whole topic works the same way as what it used to.

Reminder notifications

We send reminder notifications in five minute batches, so delivery of custom reminders will not occur on the dot. This means if you set a custom reminder for 8:33am (if you are a very specific person) your reminder will come through at 8:35am at the earliest. Any failed notifications we will retry in the next batch.

Once a reminder is sent the reminder time and type is cleared but the bookmark remains. The only way currently to set another reminder is to click the bookmark icon for a post to clear it, then bookmark the post again.

Here is what a bookmark reminder notification looks like:


Lists and navigation

The bookmarks in the quick navigation bar now come from the new table and will show you if you have a reminder set for the bookmark:


In the user profile activity page the Bookmarks link now shows a new list of bookmarks. From here you can see what you named the bookmark as well as the time the reminder will be sent:

You can remove bookmarks from the actions menu at the side of each bookmarked post in the list.

Still to come

We have a few future improvements planned including:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Use the new modal window and reminders for topic-level bookmarks
  • Reminding you when you move from mobile to laptop/desktop
  • Improving the bookmark list
  • Allowing editing bookmark names and reminders
  • Recurring reminders
  • Reminder time parameter customisation

Any feedback on this new feature here on Meta would be appreciated :rocket:


I’m very excited! This new system will be very useful :smiley:


Amazing work @mjrbrennan, this is going to be my favorite Discourse feature of 2020!

Yes please! This will keep the today and tomorrow options in a predictable place and decrease some of the cognitive workload.

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 14-27-45

Can we get rid of the Save button? :thinking:

To decrease the number of clicks involved, how do you feel about auto-saving and closing the modal on clicking any of the blocks? I see that the bookmark description text is optional anyway so I’m not sure what the Save button is contributing here apart from an extra click.

Screenshot from 2020-03-18 14-27-45


Can the date be moved into the template instead of the translation?

That way I could wrap the date and text in different elements, so then the date/text could be styled separately

Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.24.50 AM

doing that could also eliminate the <br/> which would make it easier if someone wanted to restyle it without the line break.


Aside from saving a user who inadvertently clicks on one reminder and realizes he/she should have clicked another, the Save button will also prevent the change from being made immediately before exiting. If it wasn’t there, the user would have to open the bookmark again and click the desired reminder date/time button. That would entail more than just the one click that clicking on the Save button would take. Would that actually be worth it?


Thanks @rishabh I am glad you like it!

I think I am with @JimPas here in that this would make it easier to make mistakes. Also Custom breaks that pattern because you have to enter extra information.

I am working on some keyboard shortcuts for this, so when the modal opens you would be focused in the text box. You could press Enter to save, or click a reminder and press Enter, or press Tab and then <SHORTCUT> to select a certain reminder then press Enter to save. E.g. Tab l t Enter would do a reminder later today. This will be ready soonish, after I deal with Next Business Day.

Sure I will do this at the same time as NBD changes :slight_smile:


This is turning out to be the best feature I didn’t know I wanted :smiley:

Out of curiosity, what was the inspiration?



… more seriously, what even was the point of bookmarks before this? Your browser already does bookmarking for you, doesn’t it? Bookmarking is where information goes to die!

I wanted to turn a terrible, pointless feature into a useful one. :wink:


Love the notes and reminders. :slight_smile:

When I click on the bookmark symbol in the profile menu it still goes to /activity/bookmarks, which seems to only be accessible via that menu and consequently breaks the dropdowns on mobile - should it be going to the new /activity/bookmarks-with-reminders? In any case I do miss the avatar/some other indication of who made the bookmarked post that was in the former that isn’t in the latter.

Related note from my topic Warning on "clear bookmarks" from a while ago - I still think its a tad bit too easy to accidentally clear bookmarks/remove a bookmarked post in a topic, and now I’d presumably lose the notes too!


It all started back last October when I moaned about not being able to properly manage my topics in a way that wasn’t public. I wanted some kind of system of private/personal tags.

We decided that extending bookmarks with times and labels was a better approach because it would also deprecate the rather clunky “Set a reminder” topic timers.


It’s a huge improvement. Bookmarks were previously where links went to die*.

I’ve just cleared out my local bookmarks, and am experimenting with ways to remind myself about bookmarks everywhere else…

* Crediting Jeff for that line, forgot he said the same thing a couple of posts up


Literally… I press bookmark and found stuff I forgot why I bookmarked it because I didn’t have a reminder. Now I do yay! :blush:


one of the best features ever! :star_struck: thanks Discourse-Team :heart: .


Hey, that’s great, I wanted to add this to my discourse install so googled the reminder feature and just realized that it’s a new feature being tested.
Note that when I created my account here a few days ago and was going through the discobot’s greeting, that’s when I noticed the reminder feature, and it was actually causing the discobot to break. The first thing discobot asks you is to bookmark their post, which seems to not trigger to continue the tutorial, potentially because of this feature.


Nice catch - thanks for reporting @kakaroto. I can repro here on meta

cc @mjrbrennan


Wow thank you for finding that! I will fix that up, likely today if it is breaking the tutorial process for new users here.


@kakaroto the bookmark issue for discobot is now fixed via FIX: Narrative bot not working for bookmarks with reminders by martin-brennan · Pull Request #9289 · discourse/discourse · GitHub. This will be live on meta within a few hours.


Awesome, thanks for the quick fix. I can confirm it works :slight_smile:


This would be a phenomenal addition to Discourse, making bookmarks ACTIONable!


I have now merged this set of fixes:

@awesomerobot this separates the dates/times from the translations . @Falco this fixes that double click on the quick action icon not taking you to the right place. Also added:

New Reminder Types

  • Add a “later this week” reminder which is today + 2 days, will not show if we are on the days Thu-Sun
  • Add a “start of next business week” reminder which is 8am Monday


The bookmark list in your profile is now lazy-loaded as well, for people who have heaps of bookmarks:

Finally, bookmark notifications will now be treated with the same priority level as PM notifications, staying at the top of the list with the green bubble.