In what table are bookmarks stored, if not “bookmarks”?

I want to see everyone’s bookmarks. So I try this simple query in Data Explorer.

SELECT * from bookmarks

That returns no results. I added a bookmark of my own and ran it again. Still no results. Where are bookmarks stored, if not in the bookmarks table?


Try running

SELECT COUNT(id) FROM bookmarks 
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One of my bookmarks. I’m sure others have bookmarks also:

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Sorry, I’m at a loss for what the problem might be. That makes no sense to me at all. I would think you would get some kind of error message or at least the 1 you know exists.

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The bookmarks table doesn’t seem to be getting used yet. It is part of some improvements that are being made to Discourse’s bookmarking functionality.

Currenty, you can get information about bookmarks with a query like this:

t.user_id, AS topic_id,
COUNT(*) AS bookmark_count
FROM post_actions pa
JOIN posts p
ON = pa.post_id
JOIN topics t
ON = p.topic_id
WHERE pa.post_action_type_id = 1
AND t.deleted_at IS NULL
AND p.deleted_at IS NULL
GROUP BY, t.user_id
ORDER BY bookmark_count DESC

:information_source: Bookmarks can now be found in the bookmark table.