Incoming webhooks (Incoming into Discourse)

(Gustavo) #1

Hi, I was wondering if Discourse supports incoming webhooks.

EDIT: incoming from the Discourse side. Example: my jenkins build finished and I want it to send an http request to my discourse server that would post a message in a topic or even create a new topic.

Is there a feature like this available?

(Kane York) #2

You’re talking about data flow from Discourse to Slack, right? (Which side is the “incoming” on?)

(Gustavo) #3

thank you for your question, I have edited my first post.

(Jay Pfaffman) #4

There is an API that will let you do pretty much anything.

(Gustavo) #5

perfect! I was able to find this reference to the API and it contains pretty much everything I need.
thank you,

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