Inconsistency in admin menu

(Gzoritchak) #1

We find

admin/settings/email and

Even if “admin/email/settings” are some kind of hard settings defined during the Discourse install, there are settings. Moreover it would be more consistent to see the sending settings near the polling settings.

Lastly, it would make the admin/email views more cohesive (like admin/users) showing only operational views and not a mix of settings and operational.

(cpradio) #2

Can you provide mockups/screenshots of what is currently implemented and how you’d like to see it? I’m struggling following your line of thought.

(Gzoritchak) #3

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Can’t at the moment since that stuff is set via environment variables in the base OS. You have to edit app.yml and rebuild.

(Gzoritchak) #5

I know it. I don’t want to make it editable.

I just think it’s a presentation problem which lead to inconsistency in the views.