Incorrect incoming email parsing case (Ukrainian language)

(Anton) #1

Here is how it appeared in a topic:

Спасибо еще раз, Антон. “Вилли милк” окончательно-точное)))))

30 серп. 2016 р. 20:45 “Антон” пише:

The second line should not have been included.

Hope this will help to improve the parsing algorithm for Ukrainian language.

(Jay Pfaffman) #2

It would be more helpful to have a raw version of the email to be able to tell how the parsing got screwed up. It’s probably upstream in the Ruby Mail Class. I found a couple valid-looking emails that it got wrong, but haven’t had a chance to figure out where that’s coming from.

(Anton) #3

Done. Posted in a private (flag) message to the topic.