Incorrect user avatar from Move to New Topic

Have included 2 images below. When moving a single user post from a thread to a “new topic,” the Latest and categories views use the incorrect avatar as the “original poster.” Instead of the avatar for the user of the moved topic, it instead displays the avatar of the moderator who moved the post.

Screenshot of “Latest” view with 2 threads in which I moved a post to a new topic.

Screenshot of Topic where OP user is shown correctly as the user who wrote the “moved” post.

Please let me know if this is not clear. Thanks!

I fixed this a few days ago, we will deploy later this week or early next, once the new composer settles down


Thanks, feel free to close this thread.

This was never a bug, has been brought up many times before – this was intentional and by design. The design was just confusing, which is why we changed it.

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