Index File Contents for Search

Right now, file names are indexed for search but the contents are not. It would be nice if the contents of files were also indexed, at least for the most common text-based files types, e.g. txt, pdf, doc, xls, csv, etc.

Any plans for this?


No plans for this at the moment.

“Me, too”
We’d like to have attachments (in our case, PDF’s) indexed for the search engine, too.


This is very much an enterprise customer type feature. We don’t have concrete plans here with a timeline, I am uncertain what would happen to Postgres with huge PDF documents.

Certainly something we have thought about over the years and may get to over the next few years.


Curious if Discourse added the capability to index and search PDF’s yet?

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Not yet, very feasible to build though in a plugin.

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When developing such a plugin: Where would you start? Being totally new to the discourse code I’d probably try to hook in UploadCreator, but that might be very wrong.